Juxtapoz Magazine – Emma Kohlmann is “Sitting by the Well” in Her First Solo Exhibition in Canada



COOPER COLE is happy to current a solo exhibition by Emma Kohlmann titled, Sitting by the Properly. This marks the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, and first in Canada. Kohlmann, a famend visionary artist, embraces an unrestrained and spontaneous artistic course of, devoid of predetermined plans or restrictions. Guided by the need to evoke particular moods, she attracts from her instinct and immerses herself in a world of recurring common symbols current all through her artwork. These symbols, similar to birds, the ouroboros, androgynous figures, spiders, and spirals, are all imbued with expansive connotations which contribute to the general significance of Emma’s art work with out bearing sole accountability.

In search of real expression, Emma is drawn to the attract of a naive aesthetic, viewing it as a pure reflection of her unconscious. She attracts inspiration from the poetic essence of the unconscious thoughts, embracing its untamed and instinctive nature. Emma’s strategy challenges preconceived notions and societal expectations, liberating her inventive realm. Her creativity flows freely, forging a singular path.

Though her focus primarily lies in mark making by drawing, Emma expresses discomfort with being solely labeled as a painter. As a substitute, she identifies herself as a creator of images, emphasizing the artistry inherent in her visible storytelling. This attitude is additional mirrored in her incorporation of pyrography, utilizing fireplace to burn designs onto wooden frames. This method symbolizes purification and reintegrates her drawing follow into her work.

Emma’s work captivates by intentional and significant traces and brushstrokes, weaving a real emotional ambiance into her artwork that resonates with each herself and viewers. Her artistic course of faucets into pure moods, skilled on a unconscious degree with out acutely aware acknowledgment.

“We don’t must study something to start to dream. Nor do we have to take up any chemical set off the expertise of dreaming. Within the sense, the dream state, just like the waking state, merely is. It occurs as we occur. It appears to be as actual as we’re; and on this seeming realty lies a primary paradox for the sleeping dreamer”


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