Juxtapoz Magazine – James Ulmer and the Extra Excitement of “Paper Works!” @ Marvin Gardens, Ridgewood



Paper is flexible and hard, and but there’s a part of it that’s valuable. It is a common floor, too, one thing the place concepts and sketches are made, but in addition some traditionally important moments occurred on works on paper. There’s something about works on paper that continues to intrigue me, one thing I discover endlessly fascinating as each the genesis of an thought and the medium of experimentation that turns into a advantageous artwork piece itself. James Ulmer, a painter who has lengthy used vibrant colours and flat figures in a hybrid of summary figuration, has a brand new present, Paper Works!, on view at Marvin Gardens in Ridgewod. Ulmer’s expertise has been to flatten a second, and but make it really feel like a motion is being witnessed, and on paper, his talent as a craftsman shines by. —Evan Pricco


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