Juxtapoz Magazine – Jet Swan’s Explores the Relationship Between Public and Private lives.



In a charming collection revealed by Loose Joints in 2021, British artist Jet Swan offered a putting photographic exploration of road portraiture, delving into the intricate interaction between private and non-private lives. Over the course of three years, Swan has engaged with members of the general public in impromptu studio areas, from an empty shopfront in a industrial mall in Scarborough to a repurposed group corridor in Ramsgate, the place the artist resides and works.

By means of her lens, Swan skillfully juxtaposes the general public personas folks mission in her studio with the darker, extra intimate psychological areas that emerge, providing a thought-provoking distinction between the private and non-private realms. Her images superbly seize the tactile essence of the physique, whereas additionally teasing the perimeters of standard staged portraiture. 


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