Juxtapoz Magazine – Kelly Beeman Looks at “Summer” in the Fall



Kelly Beeman‘s work lives in a curious vaccum of time. The style she evokes in her works feels timeless, the backdrops of some unnamed American road, the characters in a state of repose or slight motion that feels conscious that somebody is watching them however not intimidated by the voyeurism. For the longest time, and the occasions I’ve written about her exhibits, or the cover story we did in Summer time 2020, I discover Beeman creating nostalgia that is not nostalgic for anyone factor. There’s household, there’s friendship, there’s mild, there’s quiet, however there’s additionally one thing relatively ghostly and haunting, a disquiet. Summer time, her new solo present at Perrotin in NYC, is vibrant and evocative and filled with all of Beeman’s means to create timeless fashions in her work and watercolors, however there stays a captivating undercurrent of seduction and an nearly flawless means to current one’s self as cool and calm, collected even, in the summertime warmth. There isn’t any sweat right here, solely a coolness of distance. —Evan Pricco


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