Juxtapoz Magazine – Luis Alberto Rodriguez’s New Photographs Oscillate Between Power and Vulnerability



In O., acclaimed Dominican-American artist Luis Alberto Rodriguez strips down his choreographed, embodied strategy to pictures via a collection that explores the free-fall of life, the development of identification, and their connections with non secular future. Influenced by French mystic thinker Simone Weil, Rodriguez attracts a line between his stripped-down portraits and Weil’s life’s work, in the hunt for purity and the connection between struggling and transcendence. The title of the ebook – the letter O – speaks to this transcendence – between a noise, a puff, an exhale, a cycle, all sounds, an open image, a zero, a reset.

Utilizing a forged of various our bodies, ages, backgrounds and identities, Rodriguez sculpts a collection of nudes oscillating between energy and a lack of management. Rodriguez challenges his topics to let go: our bodies contort and collapse whereas returning to poise, lifting to grace, and reaching into purity. How a lot management do we’ve got over the path we’re headed? How delicate is the touchdown?

Rodriguez frames his hanging nudes in dialogue with photos of tasseography – the follow of divination via coffee-cup studying that runs via Rodriguez’s Dominican heritage – to spiritually interact with the power and great thing about those that seem, and disappear, earlier than his digicam. O. envokes the volatility of our present second, our states of self-preservation, and the long run that’s but to come back.

O. is printed by Loose Joints.


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