Juxtapoz Magazine – Naked Seduction: Elizabeth Sunflower’s Bold Photos of 70s Sex Workers



Elizabeth Suflower’s images are a testomony to the essential function intercourse staff performed in advancing the feminist motion from a counterculture superb to a nationwide dialog.

By means of a collection of distinctive storylines, Elizabeth Sunflower’s photographs weave collectively to color a bigger narrative, showcasing the avant-garde dancers and fashions who emerged from the underground and normalized intercourse at a time when marginalized communities have been misunderstood and fewer tolerated. These images illustrate a transparent parallel between the ladies’s liberation motion of the 60s and 70s and the continued battle for equal rights at this time.

Whereas the first focus of those images could also be on the nude figures and expressions of iconic unique dancers like Carol Doda and Lola, additionally they expose the acquainted heteronormativity of “the male gaze.” Sunflower’s photographs exhibit the societal disparity between women and men, highlighting the contrasts and double requirements of the time. She captures the great thing about the feminine type whereas displaying the hypocrisy inherent in a male-dominated socio-political world.

Elizabeth Sunflower was a prolific photojournalist based mostly in San Francisco, documenting various popular culture within the 60s and 70s. Her work primarily centered on photographing information and popular culture starting within the late Sixties and continued actively into the Nineteen Nineties. This exhibit is the primary show of her work since her passing in 2008.

Bare Seduction is introduced by DUPLEX in partnership with the Retro Photo Archive.


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