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Moosey Hoxton is delighted to announce a solo exhibition by Damien Cifelli. The exhibition will launch Thursday, August 10, 6-8pm. Damien Cifelli is a self taught, multidisciplinary artist from Edinburgh, now based mostly in London. Damien’s work explores a fictitious land named Tarogramma. Referencing the size and compositions of historical past work and historic sculpture, he has constructed an in depth tradition with its personal aesthetic, way of life, and understanding of the world; one that’s directly alien, and eerily much like our personal. The work are a visible illustration of this different society – documentary pictures of a brand new world.

Shrouded from the eyes of the world, a hidden civilisation has lengthy existed in parallel with our personal. The elusive land of Tarogramma holds the promise of one thing far past our understanding.

Over the course of human historical past Tarogramma has been found by chance on a number of events. All we all know in regards to the place exists within the artefacts and pictures recovered from expeditions and from the detailed testimonies of the few who’ve returned. Utilizing this data, a vivid image has been constructed of the individuals and their lives. It’s a place with an in depth tradition; its personal aesthetic, way of life, and understanding of the world.

It’s maybe Tarogramma’s elusiveness that has allowed it to dwell lengthy within the creativeness of writers and explorers. In consequence, there is no such thing as a actual consensus on the origin or materials properties of the place. It’s believed by some to be an inaccessible forgotten metropolis, others to be an afterlife, and plenty of to be utterly fictional.

“I take advantage of fictional anthropology, via storytelling, to look at the thought of looking – the impulse all of us really feel to look past what we all know. Will we, by advantage of on the lookout for an alternate, critique the current? And by making a fictional world, can we maintain up a mirror to ourselves?

Impressed by private histories, the creativity of the diaspora, ancestral tales and up to date collective experiences, I’ve created a world distilled down into the best requirements – human connection and a way of neighborhood. Values which have develop into infinitely extra necessary in latest instances. Tarogramma is a vessel for all these concepts.”


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