What Causes a Water Main Line Break?



Ever puzzled why water essential line breaks occur? They could be a actual headache, inflicting water shortages and property harm.

On this article, we’ll dive into the explanations behind these disruptions. From environmental components to growing older pipes, we’ll take a deeper look into water essential breaks and the way they affect each day life. 

Water Predominant Line Fundamentals

A water essential line, typically merely referred to as a water essential, is an important part of a metropolis’s water distribution system. It is a big underground pipe that carries potable (drinkable) water from a water remedy plant to varied areas inside a city or municipality, together with properties, companies, and industrial services. 

Causes of Water Predominant Breaks

Water essential breaks can happen because of varied causes. Understanding these causes can assist stop and deal with them successfully. Listed below are some widespread causes for water essential breaks.


The kind of materials used for water mains can play a big function in inflicting breaks. Over time, sure supplies like forged iron or concrete can deteriorate because of corrosion or put on and tear. This weakening of the pipe materials could make it extra vulnerable to cracks and ruptures. 

As these pipes age, they turn out to be more and more weak, and the chance of a water essential break goes up. Replacing older, fragile pipe supplies with extra sturdy and corrosion-resistant choices is usually a key technique in stopping these disruptive incidents.


Temperature fluctuations can even spell bother for water mains. When it will get frigid, the water contained in the pipes can freeze, and because it freezes, it expands, placing immense stress on the pipe partitions. Over time, this stress can result in cracks or, in additional extreme circumstances, a full-blown water essential break. So, when winter rolls round, the chance of those chilly mishaps tends to rise.

Stress Modifications

Water pressure modifications may be one other offender behind water essential breaks. Typically, abrupt shifts in water circulate, like when a valve opens or closes rapidly or throughout firefighting operations, create highly effective stress surges throughout the pipes. 

This sudden pressure fluctuation can weaken the pipe construction over time, making it extra liable to cracks and breaks. So, whereas water stress is important for getting water to our faucets, it may also be a consider these surprising pipe mishaps.

Age of Pipes

Over time, pipes can naturally deteriorate and weaken. Supplies like forged iron or concrete, generally utilized in older infrastructure, are particularly weak to corrosion and put on and tear. As these pipes age, they turn out to be more and more fragile and vulnerable to cracks and ruptures, making water essential breaks extra seemingly. 

To cut back the chance, many communities are investing within the replacement and modernization of growing older pipe methods to make sure a extra dependable and resilient water provide.


Development actions could be a double-edged sword in the case of water mains. Whereas essential for city growth and upkeep, excavation and digging close to underground pipes can unintentionally result in water essential breaks. Unintended harm from heavy equipment or digging within the incorrect spot can puncture or crush the pipes. 

It is a reminder that cautious planning and coordination are important to keep away from these disruptions throughout building tasks and preserve our water methods intact.

Tree Roots

tree roots

Tree roots could be a thorn within the facet of water mains. These persistent pure explorers are at all times in search of water, and if there are small cracks or joints within the pipes, tree roots can infiltrate them. As they develop and develop throughout the pipes, they will trigger blockages and put stress on the pipe partitions, finally resulting in cracks and, ultimately, water essential breaks. 

Implications of a Water Predominant Break

flooded street

Now that we’ve mentioned what may cause a water essential line to interrupt, let’s talk about what occurs after the break. If you happen to’ve ever seen a heavy circulate of water down the facet of the road, there’s a great probability that that’s coming from a burst water essential line underground.

  • Erosion: As the encircling space turns into soaked with the leaking water, the bottom can be extra vulnerable to erosion. Extra erosion can result in cracks within the streets and sidewalks, which in flip can affect the integrity of native infrastructure, placing total communities in danger.
  • Contamination: In some cases, damaged water essential traces can introduce dangerous contaminants into the native potable water system, resulting in a localized public well being concern. This can require a Boil Water Advisory till the difficulty is completely resolved. 
  • Water Shut Off: With a purpose to repair a broken water main line, that line will must be shut off quickly. Whereas it is a essential step to take, it may be fairly inconvenient for native households and companies who now not have entry to water till the difficulty is resolved. 
  • Native Closures: Water essential breaks have the potential to flood giant areas. This implies streets can be closed off till the leak is managed and residents can as soon as once more journey safely. Just like a water shut-off, this could be a giant inconvenience, although a essential one for the well being and security of the group.

What to Do When a Water Predominant Breaks in Sacramento

When a water essential line breaks in Sacramento, contacting Express Sewer & Drain is the good transfer. Our skilled workforce can swiftly assess and restore the difficulty, whether or not it is because of freezing temperatures, soil shifts, or growing older pipes. We will guarantee a fast response to attenuate water wastage and restore your water provide effectively and safely. Give us a call right this moment to be taught extra about our providers!

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